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The release of "Baltic Sea: Closure" by Folke Rydén

Today, November 25, the documentary film "Baltic Sea: Closure" is released in SVT's Vetenskapens Värld (Swedish broadcast). The film is made by Folke Rydén and is the last film in the ten-year Baltic Sea Media Project funded by BalticSea2020.


In the "Baltic Sea: Closure" we get a glimpse of earlier films in the project when Folke returns to the people and the environments to see what has happened. We will find out more about the cod, emissions from animal factories and new environmental toxins, but there is also hope of reduced eutrophication and cleaner water. The film will air on November 25 at 8 pm, in SVT. You are also able to watch the film in SVT Play here.

About the Baltic Sea Media Project
The Baltic Sea Media Project started about 10 years ago and is funded by BalticSea2020. The project includes seven films - five documentary films by the journalist and filmmaker Folke Rydén; For Cod’s Sake (2009), Dirty Waters (2011), The Second Wave (2013), Shipping Pollution (2015) and Baltic Sea: Closure (2019), and two nature films by filmmaker and nature photographer Mattias Klum; The Contemplator (2013) and The Young Sea (2019). The project has also developed educational materials about the Baltic Sea for teachers and students in the region. Read more about Baltic Sea Media Project here.