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Baltic Sea Science Center has received the award “Helgjutet”!

We are delighted and proud that the Baltic Sea Science Center at Skansen is the winner of the Svensk Betong award “Helgjutet”! this according to a press release today. The award is awarded every two years to highlight good examples of solid-cast solutions, and is instituted to show the opportunities to “create good architecture, innovative design and rational work execution with concrete. By utilizing all the possibilities of concrete, we can create beautiful, functional and durable designs”.

BSSC pris

The Baltic Sea Science Center, designed by Kawa Architecture by Katarina Wahlström, received the "Helgjutet" award at the Concrete Gala on November 21 at the Stockholm Waterfront.

About the Baltic Sea Science Center
The Baltic Sea Centre consists of exhibits, aquariums, classrooms and laboratories. In three large aquariums, visitors meet fish such as cod, turbot, sea trout, lumpfish, but also different types of plant life, and learn more about the marine environment. The educational rooms, which are primarily targeted at high school- and secondary school students, highlights four different environmental challenges - eutrophication, overfishing, pollution and depleted diversity, current research and future solutions. There is also space for classrooms and laboratories - a place for the next generation to create conditions for a healthier sea.

BSSC has been funded by BalticSea2020 and the foundation's founder Björn Carlson with support from Skansen. The content has been prepared in close collaboration with Stockholm University and the Swedish University of Agriculture.
Read more about the project on our website here. For more information about the aquarium, exhibitions and opening hours, visit the Skansen website here.