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New documentary by Folke Rydén reveals: High levels of chlorine paraffin in humans and animals

November 25, “Baltic Sea: Closure” by Folke Rydén was released in SVT Vetenskapens Värld (Swedish broadcast). The documentary reveals that there are high levels of chlorine paraffins in humans and animals living in and by the Baltic Sea. At the same time, researchers are seeing a general reduction in DDT and PCBs in the population, environmental toxins that were previously at about the same levels as chlorine paraffins are today.

MK ostersjon
© Mattias Klum

In the film we meet Margot Wallström, former Foreign Minister, who is one of those who has previously chosen to analyze her blood, and the results reveals that she also has high levels of the substance. Åke Bergman is professor of environmental chemistry at Stockholm University and is part of the tests, which will also be part of a scientific study. He says the result is remarkable, but at the same time he says that researchers today know too little about chlorine paraffin and how it affects the population (humans and animals).

"Baltic Sea: Closure" is the last documentary by Folke Rydén in the Baltic Sea Media Project, and gives a backflash to earlier films in the project. Folke returns to the people and the environments to see what has happened. Environmental toxins in humans and animals living in and by the Baltic Sea were from the beginning highlighted in the third film "The second wave", which was released in 2013.

The documentary "Baltic Sea: Closure" airs on SVT Vetenskapens Värld on Nov. 25 at 20.00 pm, as well as in SVT Play.

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About the Baltic Sea Media Project
The Baltic Sea Media Project started about 10 years ago and is funded by BalticSea2020. The project includes seven films - five documentary films by the journalist and filmmaker Folke Rydén; For Cod’s Sake (2009), Dirty Waters (2011), The Second Wave (2013), Shipping Pollution (2015) and Baltic Sea: Closure (2019), and two nature films by filmmaker and nature photographer Mattias Klum; The Contemplator (2013) and The Young Sea (2019). The project has also developed educational materials about the Baltic Sea for teachers and students in the region. Read more about Baltic Sea Media Project here.