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Agreement on TACs for next year's fishing in the Baltic Sea

the last cod photo by peter ostlundLast night, the Council of Ministers agreed on next year's TACs (total allowable catches) in the Baltic Sea. Important steps have been taken for the cod as all directed fishing for cod is banned in the eastern Baltic Sea and only a smaller by-catch is allowed, with the purpose to help small-scale fisheries survive the difficult stock situation. All in all, the decision is a success for the Commission, the Swedish position and the Finnish Presidency. 

However, it's just a first step on a long journey. The agreement is only valid for 2020 and does not contain any initiatives that will contribute to reverse the situation in the Baltic Sea in the long term. These are measures that need to be put on the agenda of politicians and officials, if we are to regain sustainable and profitable fishing that delivers high-quality products for human consumption. Read the agreement here.