Restoration efforts with perch in focus

After a successful outcome of the project “Wetland restoration for viable predatory fish stocks” with a focus on pike, The Swedish Anglers Association initiates a project on the coastal populations of perch. In the project "Restoration efforts with perch in focus" they will use fishery conservation measures in order to explore the possibility of increasing the reproduction of perch. The project is founded by BalticSea2020.

During 2011 - 2012 The Swedish Anglers Association carried out a pilot project on restoration measures for pike. The project was a success and has identified wetlands that can be restored to good spawning areas along the Swedish east coast up to Gävle. In addition to identify these areas they have proactively helped landowners in about 20 areas with preparation and permit for restoration of wetlands. The perch has previously been commonly occurring along the Baltic Sea coastline, but similar to the pike; the perch has decreased during the mid -1990s. The cause is hard to pinpoint, but the decrease of the perch coincides with several other changes in the Baltic Sea ecosystem (source: The Swedish Anglers Association).

To strengthen the stocks of perch The Swedish Anglers Associations will increase the knowledge of the effects of different restoration measures. This will also lead to improved ecosystem quality such as clearer water and less filamentous algae.

Purpose and goals
In the project "Restoration efforts with perch in focus" The Swedish Anglers Associations will develop restoration measures for perch and disseminate the results around the Baltic Sea countries. The aim is to enable an extensive restoration, primarily for perch.

The project is divided into two parts. In the first stage, the project will gather knowledge from both the ongoing restoration project and from previous projects on perch. They will also implement a number of pilot projects in which the measures will be evaluated to see how spawning migration and fry production is affected.

The results will be compared with data from reference waters, primarily in connection with already initiated or completed restoration efforts.

The gained experience from the first stage will finally be summarized, before the project continues into the second stage. The purpose here will be to disseminate the results through workshops and demonstration objects, in collaboration with other organisations in Sweden and other Baltic Sea countries.




Project status

Start: 2013-09-01
End: 2016-12-31

joelProject manager

Joel Norlin, The Swedish Anglers Association