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More cod – the best way to combat algal blooms

“There is a strong connection between algal bloom and the lack of cod” says Katarina Veem, Baltic Sea 2020.

“Scientists from the Swedish Board of Fisheries among others have during the spring showed that the lack of cod is one of the biggest reasons for the algal blooms that recur during the summer in the Baltic Sea”.

“The easiest and most cost-efficient way to combat the algal bloom is to let the cod stocks in the Baltic Sea increase. The key to accomplish this change is that the Ministers of Fisheries in EU, among them the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture Eskil Erlandsson, make the decision about the cod quotas in line with the scientific advice”.

ICES (The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) recommended in May 2008 that the cod quotas in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea 2009 should be in line with EUs management plan for the cod.

“We expect that Mr. Erlandsson and his colleagues will stick to the management plan that they themselves decided on”, says Katarina Veem.