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The Foundation has switched its environmental work for the Baltic Sea

Since the Foundation began its work in 2006 through to 2020, the Foundation has funded measures and development projects that actively support a healthier Baltic Sea, as well as research that has broadened or enhanced knowledge of the Baltic Sea and its catchment area. The Foundation has initiated nearly 100 projects and the board has allocated grants of approximately SEK 650 million to projects in the fields of Fishery, Eutrophication, and Information. In 2020, the Foundation began reviewing its environmental work as part of efforts to switch its focus from a research foundation to a prize and research foundation in 2021. The Foundation has accordingly established a prize: The Björn Carlson Baltic Sea Prize. The prize money, initially set at SEK 3 million, will be awarded annually beginning in the spring of 2022. For more information, please visit

Building on Björn Carlson’s fundamental idea to actively promote a positive development for the Baltic Sea, the Foundation aspires to utilise the prize to recognise research that has made a valuable contribution to improving the Baltic Sea environment and to support the continuation of existing efforts to ensure a healthier Baltic Sea.

Alongside the Foundation’s work with the Björn Carlson Baltic Sea Prize, the Foundation continues to run and fund measures and development projects that actively support a healthier Baltic Sea. E.g., funding will be allocated to Living Coast (II). This project started in 2011 but has been led by Stockholm University since 2019 in close collaboration with the Foundation, its initiator and main sponsor.

New website
More information about the Björn Carlson Baltic Sea Prize and the Foundation, can be found at At the website, you can also nominate your candidate for the Björn Carlson Baltic Sea Prize. The nomination is open to all.

The Foundation's website will remain in its current form, but will no longer be updated. Here you will find information about the projects that the Foundation has worked/suppported since the start in 2005 until 2020. At the website you will find more information about the Foundation's continuing work for the Baltic Sea.