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New Article: Eutrophication of seabeds – can the vicious circle be stopped?

Eight years ago, BalticSea2020 launched the large-scale restoration project Living coast. The project is being conducted at Björnö bay in the Stockholm archipelago, and it aims to demonstrate that eutrophic bays around the Baltic Sea can once more achieve good ecological status. When the project first began, eutrophication in the bay was largely caused by phosphorus leaching out of the seabed. Today, that leaching has stopped, but how has that come about? Do the conditions in the water and seabed play any role in which method is most effective?

Emil Rydin, associate professor in Limnology and one of Living Coast’s two project managers, tells about the experiences from the Björnö bay and a new project he is working with: “Phosphorus binding in shallow eutrophic bays – which substances work?”. Read the full article here.

eutriophication of seabeds