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PRESS RELEASE: 50 000 signatures against bottom trawling for cod in the Baltic Sea

In just a few weeks, the campaign Save Baltic Cod´s petition has reached 50,000 signatures, calling on Swedish politicians to propose a ban on bottom trawling for cod in the Baltic Sea.

The public understands that the Baltic Sea cod is threatened and that drastic measures are required. The decision can be taken by EU countries around the Baltic Sea. This summer, Sweden takes over the presidency of their organization BALTFISH. It is an opportunity for Sweden to show initiative by driving an environmental issue where a decision would lead to rapid results.

Several political parties have stated that they support a ban on bottom trawling in the Baltic Sea, now it is time for them to turn word into deeds. When the petition ends this summer, it will be handed over to the Swedish Minister of Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht.