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The project "Living coast" is presented in an exhibition!

The demonstration project Living coast started 2010 in Björnöfjärden, a bay in the Stockholm archipelago. The bay shows many similarities to the Baltic Sea, including heavy eutrophication, limited water exchange and high prevalence of anoxic bottoms. The nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen, which reaches Björnöfjärden and contributes to eutrophication mainly comes from human activities in the area.

P1013200To tackle the eutrophication and its effects, the project has implemented a number of measures. For example, a wetland has been built to strengthen Björnöfjärdens pike population, deep bottoms have been treated with aluminum to reduce phosphorus leaching from the sediment and a number of measures to reduce nutrient leakage from the area's agriculture activities, horse farms and private sewerage system has been implemented. Now an exhibition has been established on Ingarö where visitors can see, read and learn about the implemented measures.

The exhibition is free to visit and is open year round. For more information, visit The exhibition is in Swedish.

Photo: Madeleine Holst, BalticSea2020