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Fish for the Future on the new Common Fisheries Policy

BalticSea2020 has met three parliamentarians from Fish for the Future, who talks about their views on the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Meet the MEPs Isabella Lövin, Christofer Fjellner and Chris Davies, who before the voting on February 6, 2013 have worked hard to ensure that the Parliament will support a fisheries legislation that value profitable and sustainable fisheries. Read the entire article here.

The EU has designed a new, reformed fisheries management
For more than 30 years, the EU’s fisheries policy has failed to stop overfishing and discards, leading to negative consequences for fishermen and the marine environment.Opinion has been split among members of the European Parliament, the national delegations and the political groups, and the situation ahead of the vote on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy in February 2013 was very uncertain.

In 2011, European MEPs from a range of political parties founded Fish for the Future. The aim was to influence the reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy and to ensure that the new fisheries legislation resulted in more fish in the sea and more jobs for fishermen. The parliamentary vote on February 6, 2013 made history, and the result exceeded expectations. Fish for the Future give their views on the new CFP.

CFP article

Read the article here.