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Follow up to the prize-winning film, “Ghosts in the Baltic”

Ghost nets are a global problem that occurs in all oceans, lakes and waterways that are fished. They are discarded fishing gear that continues to catch fish for decades, affecting the size of the fish population, causing suffering to wildlife and unforgivable destruction of our common natural resources. The first documentary “Ghosts in the Baltic” was produced by Joakim Odelberg in 2010/2011, with funding from BalticSea2020, to draw attention to the problem of discarded fishing equipment – ghost nets. It was filmed in the seas around Sweden, Poland and Lithuania, using material from above and below the surface. A follow-up is now being made.

The aim of the second film is to show what the first film resulted in and to continue to put pressure on the countries that haven’t yet dealt with the problem. The film will also contribute to raising awareness of the ghost nets’ impact on the marine environment and, more specifically, showing how they affect cod, porpoises, marine birds and seals.

- We hadn’t even dared to hope for the massive success of our first film, “Ghosts in the Baltic”. Now we have the chance to display the positive things that have happened However, the problem still remains and now we’re taking a new trip around the Baltic to continue documenting what has happened since the last time, and what still needs to be done,” says Joakim Odelberg, underwater cameraman at Leo Film.

In the second documentary, Joakim Odelberg and his team travel around the Baltic Sea to meet researchers, decision-makers, divers and others. You will see unique images from the exciting and not entirely risk-free work of salvaging ghost nets from wrecks and other places. The team will also document measures that have been taken and show frightening new images from places where there has as yet been no action.

- After the success of the first film, the BalticSea2020 foundation is delighted to once again be working with the filmmaker Joakim Odelberg. Our hope is that the second documentary highlights the issue of ghost nets and shows a number of the great efforts that are being made around the Baltic to remove them from the seabed,” says Conrad Stralka, director of BalticSea2020.

Filming starts in January 2013.

For more information, please contact:
Joakim Odelberg, undervattensfilmare, Leo film. Telefon: +46 (0)721 801 750 E-post:
Conrad Stralka, verksamhetschef, BalticSea2020, Telefon: +46 (0)8 673 97 62 E-post: