Increasing knowledge of illegal fishing - Final report

Author: Federacja Zielonych GAJA
Year published: 2011

Original title: “Enhancing of fisheries control system in Poland and extending of public knowledge about sustainable fisheries"
Number of pages: 15

The Polish environmental organization Green Federation GAJA (GFG) finished their one year long project to increase knowledge of illegal fishing and its impact on the Baltic Sea. The aim of the project was to understand the system of fisheries inspection in Poland, find areas where improvements can be done and suggest actions for the improvements. Activities has been done within different fields:

  • Raising awareness about illegal fishing among the public in Poland.
    - A moving exhibition about the ecosystem and fishery of the Baltic Sea and illegal fishing. 
    - The film “The end of the line”.

  • Monitoring fisheries administration and authorities.
    - Correspondence with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in order to keep abreast with progress and plans regarding implementation of EU regulations.
    - Correspondence with Agricultural and Food Quality Inspectorate regarding marking and control of fishery products entering the Polish market.
    - Correspondence with regional Trade Inspectorates regarding the need of inspections of restaurants selling fishery products.

  • Participation in meetings, conferences and workshops.

The activities increased the quality in the dialog between GFG and the different parties which put illegal fishing on the agenda and raised overall knowledge about the subject.

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