Article: A summary of the project Living coast

Author: BalticSea2020
Year published: 2018

In 2011 BalticSea2020 started the large-scale demonstration project Living coast. The project is carried out in Björnöfjärden, a bay in Stockholm’s archipelago. At the start of the project, the bay was heavily eutrophicated with a high prevalence of anoxic bottoms. Since then, a number of measures have been implemented both on land and in the bay. Today, Björnöfjärden once again has good ecological status.

living coastIf you want a quick overview of the project,
implemented actions and results,
you can read a six-page summary here.

For more information about the Living coast project,
please visit the project´s homepage here.

In 2019 the Living Coast White Paper was released. Clicke here to download "Effective measures against eutrophication – a story about regaining good ecological status in coastal areas" in pdf. Pages: 64.
If you want to learn more, see the complete White Paper on our website (in Swedish) here. Pages: 124.