Education for agricultural advisors in Poland

Author: BalticSea2020
Year published: 2013

In early October, two educational days was organized for 60 agricultural advisors in Poland. The education is part of the project "Self evaluation concerning nutrients by farmers in Poland" which started in March 2013 within the Foundation's program Eutrophication.

The training-course was distributed in Radom (7-8/10) and Gdansk (9-10/10). Barbro Ulén, project manager from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), participated and introduced the project and the Swedish experience of reducing leaching of phosphorus and nitrogen from agriculture. Other presentations included the principle of constructed wetlands and attempts to apply phosphorus, plant nutriment balances and fertilizer plans. During the educational days workshops with practical elements was organized. With data from farms that have been highlighted as examples, the agricultural advisors carried out estimations on different agriculture measures affects nitrogen leaching from individual fields.

Ubildning Polen

On day two, the participants visit a farm to discuss risk assessments for phosphorus and nitrogen losses to the water and measures to reduce it. They also review the fertilizer use on the farm. Together with the farmer they also made observations of the variations of the soil. In total 30 agricultural advisors participated, representing both areas north, east and south of Warsaw, Masovian province and 30 representing all 16 districts in the province of Pomerania. The advisors have a diverse educational background in crop- and animal production.

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"Self Evaluation concerning nutrients by farmers in Poland" is an innovative project initiated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The project aims to encourage farmers to take the initiative to reduce nutrient leakage and improve water quality, based on their own knowledge and experience. With advice and networking the eutrophication will be reduced.

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