Article: Study investigates what the Living Coasts project means to the community

Author: Ida Mårtensson, BalticSea2020
Year published: 2012

BalticSea2020’s major coastal zone project, Living coast, will provide information about how Baltic bays can be restored and regain good ecological status. The measures to be carried out as part of the project do entail costs, but can also bring benefits associated with an improved water environment. In the evaluation study “Measures for living coasts – how does the community benefit?”, the environmental economists Kajsa Johansson and Tore Söderqvist from Enveco Environmental Economics Consultancy Ltd examine the benefits and consequences of the measures taken in the Living Coasts project for people with links to the study areas of Björnöfjärden, Säbyviken and Torpe-Infjärden. This is BalticSea2020’s third article in the series about the foundation’s projects, both internal and external.

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