Report: Genetic screening of cod in the Åland Sea

Author: Author: Ulf Bergström, Henrik Christiansen, Ann-Britt Florin, Sven-Gunnar Lunneryd, Carl André
Year published: 2015

Original title: Genetisk undersökning av torsk från Ålands hav

For many years cod has been captured in the Åland Sea, but because of the low salinity no one has believed that it is actually a separate population that spawns and reproduces in the area.. However, there is evidence to suggest that this is true. The Swedish University of Agriculture and the University of Gothenburg have been conducting genetic screening of cod from the Åland Sea in order to clearify whether the cod in the area differ from other cod populations in the Baltic Sea. 263 individuals have been examined and cod from other parts of the Baltic Sea have been mapped based on growth and parasite occurrence. The results demonstrate genetic deviations, though small, between the cod spawnin the Åland Sea and the population of cod that is spawning in the south part of the Baltic Sea.

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