Fishery: How old do you think this boat is?

Author: BalticSea2020
Year published: 2013

Many EU member states argue that they need to get fishing subsidies for building new fishing boats because their boats are too old, despite the fact that many parts of Europe today have an over-capacity of fishing boats compared to how much fish there is in the sea.

This over-capacity leads to low profits as each boat may catch comparatively little fish. BalticSea2020 believes that EU taxpayers' money should go to joint action instead of supporting individual companies, particularly in light of the over-capacity. Therefore, and as a comment of the voting on EU's Fisheries subsidies next week, BalticSea2020 has developed a postcard to point out the absurdity of allowing EU taxpayers’ money building fishing boats for individual companies.

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age of boats recto small  age of boats verso small

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