Wetlands for pike fry production

Under the management of Swedish Anglers Association the project “Wetlands for pike fry production” started by Lugnet on Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago. The aim was to recreate a wetland that will function as a breeding ground and nursery for pike, thus increasing the opportunity for good pike production.

Lugnet has been judged to have very good potential to serve as spawning and nursery area for pike, but for the wetland to function, the sharp reeds need to be removed from the area.

During autumn 2012 the reeds were cut back and transported from the area. Opening up the wetland increases the amount of sunlight to penetrate, thus increasing the water temperature in the area and benefitting the reproduction, hatching and food supplies of fish in the area.

The kind of shearing of reeds that took place by Lugnet are usually enough to re-establish wetlands and serve as spawning. However, during the early summer of 2013, the reeds by Lugnet grew strong again, probably because the soil is very rich in nutrition. To hold back the reeds in this area, it was deemed necessary to cut the reeds again and then let cattle’s beet the reeds to prevent regrowth.

For a good result a long term commitment with grazing animals is require for many years to come. The cost for this type of maintenance and upkeep of the wetland has been assessed to exceed the benefits. The project was therefore canceled in 2013.

Several measures, both on land and in water, will be implemented within the Living coastal program, to improve predatory fish stocks and reduce nutrients to the water. The large-scale demonstration program began in spring 2011 and is performed in Björnöfjärden bay on Ingarö in Värmdö municipality. For more information about the program Living Coast - click here.




Project status

Start: 2012-10-01
End: 2013-06-01

Project manager



Emil Rydin