Nitrogen fertilisation of forests

Normally the amount of nitrogen that leaches out of woodland soil is limited, but because much of the Baltic region’s land is forested, particularly in the north, nitrogen seepage does contribute to the eutrophication of the sea.

In recent years, interest in fertilising forest lands with nitrogen has increased, while atmospheric deposition is constantly supplying the forests of southern Sweden with more nitrogen.

Can the negative effects on the Baltic be counteracted through suitable forestry methods? This topic was discussed at a seminar called ”Does nitrogen fertilisation in forests pose a threat to the Baltic?” arranged by Baltic Sea 2020 in collaboration with the Swedish National Board of Forestry.


Project status

Start: 2007-06-04
End: 2007-11-31

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Swedish forest agency



2007-10-01- Report
Utgör kvävegödsling av skog en risk för Östersjön? (only in Swedish)