Cod fishing in the Baltic Sea - a textbook example of (un) sustainable development

Cod fishing in the Baltic Sea is an appropriate topic for the learning of sustainable development. The project aims to create awareness, of the importance of cod fishing to the Baltic Sea ecosystem and its conservation, among young people and future decision-makers around the Baltic Sea. The project leader and high school teacher Rolf Eriksson, who has long been engaged in the Baltic Sea Project, will within this project create a web-based study guide on cod fishing.

Students and teachers at Nacka Gymnasium has for the last 15 years been working with the Baltic Sea Project, a network of about 200 schools around the Baltic Sea. Students and teachers from Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are involved in the project that strives to raise awareness about the importance of the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea region. Foremost is the international cooperation through various conferences and meetings. The last meeting at Nacka Gymnasium in April 2009 was partly financed by the Baltic Sea 2020.

Based on the experience and knowledge in cooperation within the Baltic Sea Project, the project team at Nacka Gymnasium created a web-based and study guide in English. The study guide highlight the Baltic cod fishery from eight banks facts with popular scientific articles, reports, scientific papers, video and film clips, interviews, etc. and a discussion of the summaries and conclusions. The idea is that students from the same or different schools or classes around the Baltic Sea to work in parallel with the web-based study guide, present their findings to each other and come to the same conclusions.

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Project status

Start: 2010-05-12
End: 2012-06-20


Project manager

Rolf Eriksson, Nacka Gymnasium