Båtmiljö.se - for environmentally friendly boating

There are lots of people that spend their vacations in a boat at sea or in the beautiful archipelago. More and more boat owners are becoming interested in the environment but it has long been difficult to find useful information. Anna Ehn, at The Swedish Archipelago Foundation, is the editor and project manager for the web project "Båtmiljö.se". She has the task of compiling and presenting useful environmental information in an easy and accessible way.

Different organizations are working on this issue but a broader approach has been lacking. Therefore, the work with Båtmiljö.se began. It contains information and eco-friendly tips and ideas for boating. Båtmiljö.se is a collaboration between the Baltic Sea 2020, WWF and the Swedish Archipelago Foundation.

The aim has been to create a credible and independent site that should be easily accessible and provide practical and concrete guidance on what boat owners and producers themselves can do to protect our marine environment. The website contains tips and advice on including boat bottom treatements and where to empty your waste water. Båtmiljö.se was launched on 6 June 2010 is only avaliable in Swedish.

Recommendations from Båtmiljö.se:

  • Wash the boat bottom - stop painting
  • Use wasste water stations - Do not empty your toilet in the sea
  • Take the last trash bag home - it reduces energy-consuming waste collection from the islands and marinas
  • Drive eco-frindly - reduce swell and fuel


Project status

Start: 2010-03-08
End: 2012-12-31


Project manager

Anna Ehn, Skärgårdsstiftelsen


For project materials, please visit the Swedish website.