A Baltic Sea Centre at Skansen

BalticSea2020 and Skansen have build a unique information centre about the Baltic Sea. The aim is to increase people’s awareness of the sea and provide a place for students where they will be able to experience the condition and the future which the inland sea now faces.

The Baltic Sea Centre consist of exhibits, aquariums, classrooms and laboratories. In three large aquariums, visitors will meet fish such as cod, turbot, sea trout, lumpfish, but also different types of plant life, and learn more about the marine environment. The educational rooms, which are primarily targeted at high school- and secondary school students, highlights four different environmental challenges - eutrophication, overfishing, pollution and depleted diversity, current research and future solutions. There is also space for classrooms and laboratories - a place for the next generation to create conditions for a healthier sea.

The house is a place where everyone can learn more about the Baltic Sea's unique environment, grasp the difficult situation in the sea and find out more about its problems and opportunities.

The building is located between the Skansen Aquarium and Galejans amusement area. Main sponsor is BalticSea2020, supported by Skansen.

A cooperation with Stockholm University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
The content of the Baltic Sea Centre will be developed in close collaboration with researchers from two of Sweden’s leading universities - Stockholm University (SU) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and will cover topics such as future food supply, sustainable fish stocks and measures against eutrophication. 

In the spring of 2019, the Baltic Sea Science Center was inaugurated by H.K.H. Crown Princess Victoria, Björn Carlson (founder of BalticSea2020) and John Brattmyhr (Head of Skansen).

For more information, also visit www.skansen.se.




Project status

Start: 2015-03-01
End: 2019-03-31

Project manager

Skansen - with support from BalticSea2020



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