Baltic Eye

BalticSea2020 has, in partnership with Stockholm University, established Baltic Eye – an initiative where top scientists and communication specialists will collect, synthesize and provide information about the Baltic Sea to decision makers. The goal is to enhance the ability to manage the oceans environmental problems.

The Baltic Sea ecosystem is under strong influence of emissions, overfishing, nutrient load and various forms of coastal development. Furthermore, the climate change also affects the Baltic Sea and its limited number of species, which can cause immediate changes in the food web. In order to solve the environmental problems in the Baltic Sea, it is important that available knowledge is gathered and presented in a holistic way.

In February 2013 BalticSea2020 committed 100 million SEK to establish Baltic Eye, located at Stockholm University's Baltic Sea Centre. Seven new researchers and three communication specialists constitute the core scientific staff of this new initiative.

The researchers at the Baltic Eye shall be experts in the following areas:
  • Agriculture and environmental impact, with focus on nutrient management measures and its effects on the Baltic Sea.
  • Watershed Dynamics, with focus on nutrient and contaminant fluxes and their management in the Baltic Sea.
  • Chemical Pollution, with focus on chemical contaminants.
  • Fisheries, with focus on Baltic Sea fisheries policy and ecosystem approach to fishery management.
  • Marine Habitat Management, with focus on Baltic Sea marine protected areas and management of marine habitats.
  • Sediment Dynamics, with focus on nutrients and contaminants storage in sediments.
  • Water Exchange and Circulation.

For more information, please visit the Stockholm University webpage here.

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Project status

Start: 2013-02-01
End: 2019-07-01



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100 million for a healthier Baltic Sea


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