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Swedish team to build consensus among Polish fisheries

Today representatives of Polish fishermen, scientists, environmental organisations, and the Polish government will meet for a round table meeting in Gdynia to discuss a joint memorandum of understanding regarding the sustainable exploitation of fish in the Baltic Sea.

This is a significant step forward, as the number of stakeholders in the Polish fisheries sector is high, the landscape of the organisations fragmented. In particular scientific issues have repeatedly been barriers to an effective dialogue.

The meeting in Gdynia is the result of an 18 months project carried out by a research group from Gothenburg Center for Public Learning and Understanding of Science ( The team has specifically worked with the processes through which the Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Council (RAC) works.

This project was developed with the support of the Baltic Sea 2020 Foundation and the European Fisheries Fund.

A Baltic Sea RAC Science Workshop will be arranged tomorrow, also in Gdynia.
Over 50 people have registered –BS RAC members, researchers, NGO’s, the European Commission and other stakeholders. This exceeds by far the expectations of the BS RAC and the team from Gothenburg.

In more detail, the aims of the workshop are:
1. To create a stronger and more accepted base of technical and scientific information related to fisheries.
2. To introduce and develop skills with a designed and facilitated dialogue process that supports a collaborative and open analytical effort, so it is possible to:

a. Identify issues of joint concern.
b. Discern the underlying interests of all stakeholders.
c. Bring the best information into the dialogue.
d. Discover, clarify or create the greatest common gains possible.
e. Make informed choices on what the stakeholders can and cannot agree on.

For more information,please contact:
Ilan Chabay, Chalmers/Göteborgs University, 0733-807 649