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Pupils in the Baltic Sea region is about to learn more about sustainable fishery

Despite many years of overfishing in the Baltic Sea the problem is nearly unknown amoung general public and pupils in many of the eastern countries in the Baltic Sea region. The swedish upper secondary school, Nacka Gymnasium, will host a conference 26-30th April on sustainable fishery to increase the the awareness of the state of the sea. To enable the participation from the countries in the region Baltic Sea 2020 will support the conference financially.

Nacka Gymnasium have been participating in the Baltic Sea Project for many years. The aim of the Baltic Sea projects is to engage schools in the Baltic Sea region in the subject of marine environment.

- Experiences from prior conferences and a survey that the pupils carried out in the eastern Baltic Sea countries shows that there is a knowledge gap about the subject and that overfishing is not high on the agenda. Since it is a very important issue for the future of the region we are proud to have the opportunity to host this conference, Rolf Erikson explains, teacher at Nacka Gymnasium.

The conference participants consists of pupils and teachers from Russia (Saint Petersburg), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. During the five days of the the conference lectures, seminares and interactive sessions will be held where the pupils get to approach the issue through organic, social and economical perspectives. 

- The overall aim is to spread the message to young people that it is possible to improve the state of the sea, says Rolf Erikson.

Baltic Sea Project is the first regional Project within UNESCO Associated Schools Project to combine environmental education on a specific environmental issue, the Baltic Sea and intercultural learning. The conference in Stockholm is financed by SIDA Baltic Sea Unit, Baltic Sea 2020 and Nacka Gymnasium.

For more information about the Baltic Sea Project, please visit: or contact:
Rolf Erikson, Nacka gymnasium, +46 8-718 81 54,