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The oxygen conditions in the Baltic Sea main basin is still poor

At the end of January to the beginning of February this year, a research expedition was conducted in the Baltic Sea to investigate phosphorus concentrations and oxygen levels.

The trip was related to the Baltic Sea Monitoring Program, which is coordinated by the Baltic Sea States and the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, HELCOM, and the monitoring carried out in accordance with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The research areas for the trip were the Gulf of Finland, the northern part of the Baltic Sea main basin and the Archipelago Sea.

Unfortunately, the oxygen conditions in, for example, the Baltic Sea main basin remains low, which they have been during the past decades. The low oxygen content in the water reduces the bottoms ability to retain phosphorus, which results in high phosphorus levels in the deep waters, which drives the eutrophication.

Read more about the oxygen conditions in the Baltic Sea at the Finnish Environment Institute´s homepage (Only in Swedish).