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Living coast in ”Svenska Dagbladet”

Last Saturday the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published a story on the foundation's large scale restoration project Living coast! Svenska Dagbladet´s reporters met up with Living coast´s project managers Emil Rydin and Linda Kumblad when they collected water samples in the bay in order to hear more about the work and how the experiences from the project will contribute to a healthier Baltic Sea.

lindaochemilThe Living coast project started seven years ago in the Björnö bay, one of the most eutrophicated bays in the Stockholm archipelago. The bay was heavily eutrophicated with high prevalence of anoxic bottoms and a low water exchange– much like the Baltic Sea. Today the bay is healthy with clear water and a rich animal and plant life thanks to the measures done within the project to reduce nutrient leakage to the water.



Read the entire article in Svenska Dagbladet here (only in Swedish).

To see a shorter film from the reporters´ visit at the Björnö bay, please click here (only in Swedish).

LK film

Photos: Malin Holestad/SvD