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Living coast and Svealandskusten

Last week, Emil Rydin and Linda Kumblad visited The Svealand Coastal Water Association´s annual meeting. Here they presented the large scale restoration project, Living Coast, which is carried out in the Björnö bay in Stockholm´s archipelago.

As of the annual meeting, Svealandskustenthe 2018 edition of Svealandskusten was released, a report summarizing the environmental condition in coastal waters around Svealand. Among other things, you can read about bladder wrack and how the protected area affects the important predatory pike along the coast as well as last years test results from the coastal waters. The 2017 sampling shows that the phosphorus content in the Björnö bay is again in balance and the bay's ecological status is classified as good to high. Svealandskusten 2018 can be found here (Only in Swedish).

If you want to read more about the project Living coast and the implemented measures, visit the project website here.