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SMHI reports on continued severe oxygen conditions in the Baltic Sea

During the autumn of 2017, SMHI conducted their annual oxygen survey in the Baltic Sea. The updated results for 2016 and the preliminary results for 2017 show that the poor oxygen conditions continue.

18% of the bottoms in the Baltic Proper, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga are dead due to absence of oxygen and about 28% of the bottoms suffer from lack of oxygen. 

Anoxia (total absence of oxygen) and hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) have major consequences for animal and plant life in the ocean. Major inflows of water to the Baltic Sea during 2014-2016 had a positive impact on the oxygen situation, but the effects are often short-lived. The Baltic Sea's anoxic and hypoxic areas continue to be at a constant elevated level, says SMHI.

Read SMHI´s report Oxygen Survey in the Baltic Sea 2017 here.