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The Living Coast project has been nominated for the Baltic Sea Fund Prize 2018

It is a great pleasure to tell you that Baltic Sea 2020's large-scale restoration project "Living Coast" has been nominated for the Baltic Sea Fund Prize! The project started in 2010 under the leadership of Doc Linda Kumblad and Doc Emil Rydin. “Living coast” is being carried out in the Björnö bay, an archipelago bay that, before the project started, could be compared to a "Baltic Sea in miniature".

The bay was heavily eutrophicated, had a high prevalence of anoxic bottoms and a low water exchange. The goal of the project is to show that, with a number of different measures, it is possible to recover a good environment status in eutrophic bays. Good ecological status is characterized by clear water, abundant flora and fauna, a natural fishing community and oxygenated bottoms with benthic animal life. Today, 8 years later, the bay is on its way to recovery. To read more about the implemented measures, please click here. Or why not visit our outdoor exhibition in the Björnö bay? For more information about the exhibition, please visit (only in Swedish).

The Baltic Sea Fund was founded in 1989 with the purpose of promoting and supporting scientific research and other activities regarding the protection of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea Fund Prize is awarded annually to a person or organization for significant and outstanding contribution to the Baltic Sea environment. The Baltic Sea delegation will decide on the prize winner, which will be announced in April. To read more about the Baltic Sea Fund, visit