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Study guides to For Cod's sake

Cod is the main predator in the Baltic marine ecosystem. When too much cod has been taken from the sea, the relationships between species in the food chain are changed. When the cod has been fished out, sprats increased which leads to a decrease of zooplankton, which contributes to an increase in phytoplankton.

The study guide includes questions, discussions, crossword and a word search. The study guide also raises questions within the topics politics in Europe, management of Natural Resources, Baltic Sea fauna and geography. The guide is for students from twelve years of age and upwards.

Politics (national and EU)
Natural Resources

We hope you'll see the study material and the film as a good tool to increase the understanding and knowledge of the Baltic Sea vulnerable situation. Send us comments, questions or your own ideas that you have received in connection with the material to:

Our Baltic Sea Media Project
The Baltic Sea issue affects 90 million people - that many lives around the sea. To create awareness and a broad commitment on both threats and opportunities the sea is facing, BalticSea2020 supports, among other activities, a media project initiated by journalist Folke Rydén and photographer Mattias Klum. For ten years they will produce five documentaries and a feature film as well as develop interactive educational materials for educators, teachers and students in the region around the Baltic Sea. For Cod's Sake is the first of five documentaries that will be created during the project. The work will be completed in 2017 with a feature film that depicts the Baltic Sea, its inhabitants and nature, over a ten year period. More information about the project is available at: