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New report: Ecological effects of ghost net retrieval in the Baltic Sea

As much as six tonnes of ghost nets were taken from the Baltic Sea during the pilot project conducted by WWF Poland in cooperation with fishermen. Lost or abandoned nets is a real threat to fish, birds and marine mammals as they retain up to 20 percent of their fishing capacity. The number of ghost nets lying on the seabed is considered to be a thousand.

WWF Poland, along with fishermen and divers cleared the polsish maritime area of ghost nets for 24 days. In total they cleared six tonnes of ghost nets.
The project began in March 2011 and the main goal was to clear the Baltic Sea, in the Polish territorial waters, from ghost nets. Ghost nets constitute threats to living organisms in the Baltic Sea and are dangerous to birds, marine mammals and aslo humans. Research shows that lost nets keep their fishing capacities up to 20 percent during the first three months and up to six percent after two years.  

The project is financed by BalticSea2020 and last Monday, December 12, 2011 the project was presented at a final conference in Warsaw, Poland.

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