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BalticSea2020 has partnered with the Baltic Sea Action Plan Trust Fund

BSAP Trust Fund and BalticSea2020 have taken a first step towards concrete actions in Poland. BalticSea2020 started in 2010 a 10-year program aimed at reducing nutrient leaching from intensive livestock production to the Baltic Sea.  The program has identified a number of manure management technologies which, if used correctly, can capture and recirculate nutrients and thereby reduce leakage into water. The intention is to launch a full scale demonstration plant for the production of biogas from pig manure in Poland. The cooperation with the BSAP Trust Fund allows an evaluation of development prospects.

About the Baltic Sea Action Plan Trust Fund
NIB (Nordic Investment Bank) and NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) started jointly BSAP Trust Fund in 2009. The fund provides grants for technical assistance to projects that support the implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP). The aim of the BSAP is to restore the ecological status of the Baltic Sea.

The aim of the BSAP Trust Fund is to improve and accelerate the implementation of the BSAP through the development and implementation of practical, cost-effective investments that lead to long-term or permanent reduction in leakage of pollutants into the Baltic Sea.

About BalticSea2020s IPP Program
The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world. The overload of nutrients results in large algae blooms and vast areas of “dead” sea bottoms.  A key point source for the nutrient load is industrial meat production, a growing activity in the Baltic Sea region. BalticSea2020 started a ten year program in 2010, “The Intensive Pig Production Program” with the objective to identify and implement cost-effective measures to reduce the leaching of nitrogen and phosphorus from industrial meat production.  Measures and technologies have been identified and the next step is realization, evaluation and demonstration in a demonstration plant.