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Baltic Sea Foundations met in Mariehamn to discuss cooperation

On the 23rd September four foundations from Finland, Sweden and Åland, met in Mariehamn to discuss enhanced cooperation. All foundations are deeply involved in issues concerning the Baltic Sea environment such as eutrophication, fishing, shipping and advocacy. Host and initiator of the meeting was MEP Carl Haglund and Anders Wiklöf from the Baltic Sea Fund.

Finland was represented by the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) with Chairman Ilkka Herlin and SG Mathias Bergman and John Nurminen Foundation’s Chairman Juha Nurminen and Director Erik Båsk. From Åland the Baltic Fund participated with Board Chairman Anders Wiklöf and director Edgar Öberg. The foundation BalticSea2020 from Sweden was represented by its founder and Chairman Björn Carlson, along with Executive Director Conrad Stralka.

During the meeting, Carl Haglund presented the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea region and the four foundations their various focus areas and measures. The participants decided to further enhance the cooperation between the organizations and plan for further such meetings in the future.