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New report: Best Available Technologies for Pig Manure Biogas Plants in the Baltic Sea Region

This report aims to identify and describe the best available technologies to digest pig manure, and recirculate the digestate to the agricultural production. Both biogas technologies, pre- and post- treatment and also technologies for storing and spreading of digestate have been analyzed.

The study is part of the Baltic Sea 2020 “Intensive Pig Production Program” whichrapport_batbio
aims to reduce leaching of nutrients from intensive pig production industry.
The report provides a comprehensive set of information for stakeholders with the ambition to make intensive rearing of livestock sustainable, with focus on pig production:

  •    The main section concludes findings from desk studies and field visits.
  •    The subsequent Annexes contain extensive information on analyzed technologies, including biogas technologies, pre- and post-treatment of manure/digestate, storing and spreading of digestate as well as technologies for utilization of the produced biogas (for heating, electricity, or vehicle fuel). Analyses of framework conditions in countries around the Baltic Sea, nitrogen-efficiency analyses, substrate considerations and economic scenarios for the recommended technology solutions are also described.

The report was produced in collaboration between experts from AgriFood Research - Finland , Agro Business Park - Denmark, AgroTech – Denmark and Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. The entire study is initiated and funded by Baltic Sea 2020.

Click here to download the report.