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New major project for more predatory fish in the Baltic coastal areas

Baltic Sea 2020 has granted funding to the Swedish Anglers Association for a project aimed at creating a basis for a large-scale effort to restore a large number of spawning areas for coastal living populations of predatory fish. The goal is to initiate more than 20 large-scale restoration projects along the Swedish east coast.

The populations of predatory fish such as pike and perch have been substantially reduced along most parts of the east coast. The causes are not fully defined, but one reason for reduced stock may be that the reproduction is disturbed, particularly in the outer archipelago.

“Baltic Sea 2020 has earlier focused on measures to promote the Baltic cod stocks and to strengthen the awareness about the role of cod in the Baltic Sea ecosystem. We are now expanding our fisheries commitments to promote better coastal fisheries. We believe that increased stocks of pike and perch, in a similar way as cod, may contribute to a better environment and clearer water in the coastal zone, while the recreational value of our local environment is strengthened, "said Conrad Stralka, Executive Director at Baltic Sea 2020.

Tests of restoring wetlands to create spawning and nursery areas for predator fish have proved very successful. At Oknö in Kalmar emigration of young pike to the sea, from a restored wetland area, increased from 3 000 to 65 000 in just one year. Research indicates that the enhanced stocks of predatory fish can effectively counteract the effects of eutrophication. More predatory fish lead not only to better fishing, but also healthier and clearer water.

"Predatory fish such as perch and pike are the most important species for angling and for the millions of Swedes visiting the coasts and archipelago each year. For the average person is the access to these species a symbol of a healthy sea. It is very pleasing that Baltic Sea 2020 provides us with a major grant for this project, "said Stefan Nyström, Secretary General of the Swedish Anglers Association.

The Swedish Anglers Association has in recent years restored spawning and nursery areas for predatory fish in the Stockholm archipelago. With this project the Swedish Anglers Association along with Baltic Sea 2020 initiates a broad investment in stocks of predatory fish along the entire Swedish east coast.

For more information please contact:
Conrad Stralka, Baltic Sea 2020, +46 707-50 23 31,
Stefan Nyström, Sportfiskarna, +46 70-844 88 75,
Joel Norlin, Sportfiskarna, +46 70-335 27 00,