About BalticSea2020

BalticSea2020 was founded by Mr Björn Carlson through a donation of 500 million SEK. The assets shall finance projects that are action-oriented, innovative and contributes to a healthier Baltic Sea. The foundation also works to spread knowledge and information about the Baltic Sea to decision makers, authorities, schools and individuals.

Policy statement
BalticSea2020 aims to improve the environmental condition in the Baltic Sea. By year 2020 the foundation’s assets will be spent and BalticSea2020’s work should have contributed to increase the quality of life for approximately 90 million people living around the ocean. With his donation, Mr Björn Carlson - the founder of BalticSea2020, wants to create an energetic player that is independent of politics and bureaucracy. A player with the ability to step in quickly and make sure that decisions are made and initiatives, that have a positive impact on the Baltic Sea, are implemented.

BalticSea2020 has achieved a lot. Since its inception, the foundation has influenced the EU's fishery- and agricultural legislation, initiated 94 projects for a healthier sea and helped to conduct and publish more than 20 scientific articles. BalticSea2020 has also produced four TV documentaries and three feature films screened in thirteen countries.

Our work
Since the start in 2006 the foundation has allocated approximately 550 million SEK to projects in Fishing, Eutrophication and Information. Meanwhile, the value of the assets has developed positively, which means that the foundation has about 200 million SEK available for future projects. BalticSea2020 conducts research and projects that are action-oriented, both with leadership of its own personnel, and with the support of external institutions and organizations.


To the right is a map of the Baltic Sea and its catchment area. Click on the map to enlarge and see in which regions the foundation mainly conduct their projects.