The safe storage lagoons for manure are completed!

Author: BalticSea2020
Year published: 2015

Last week we visited the pig farm in Przybkowo to look at the completed safe storage lagoons for manure! The work is part of the foundation's demonstration project in Poland which aims to identify technologies and measures to minimize the risk of nutrient leaching from manure, i.e. to find measures which make it possible to conduct industrial meat production in balance with the environment.

By separating the manure into a dry and wet fraction, the dry fraction (which now contains the bulk of the total phosphorus) can either be sold as a soil improver for the private market or be collected by local farmers, while the wet fraction is kept in the safe storage lagoons in order to be - at the appropriate time, spread on farm fields. This creates a "real" cycle where just as much nutrition that the plants actually can pick up is added to the fields! For more information about the project - click here.


Photo: Folke Rydén.