New report highlights Danish and German failures in Baltic Sea fisheries management

Author: BalticSea2020
Year published: 2017

A new report by Rebecca Hubbard at Our Fish and Griffin Carpenter from the New Economic Foundation, highlights Denmark's and Germany's failed fisheries management in the Baltic Sea, FishSec (the Fisheries Secretariat) informs at their website today. In the report, the authors found that the reformed Common Fisheries Policy have not been fully implemented with regard to the setting and allocation of fishing quotas. Instead, Denmark and Germany still negotiate higher quotas than scientists have recommended.

The report outlines several potential improvements for fisheries management, for example that the Danish and German fisheries management follows scientific advice when setting quotas (this would protect the stock from a conservation perspective and reap the socio-economic benefits sooner, while providing higher revenues for the industry) and allocating quotas to incentivise environmental practices.

Read a summary of the report on FishSec's website here.

Click here and read the report in its entirety on Our Fish's website (divided into two: "How Denmark can make fisheries fair and sustainable" and "Germany's blind spot for sustainable fisheries").

Next year's fishing quotas for the Baltic Sea will be decided by EU Fisheries Ministers 9-10 October.

Source: FishSec